A new covering concept for today’s projects, expressing all the potential of porcelain in a product of unrivalled performance and appearance. String and versatile the Maxfine collection of FMG allows designers to give free rein to their creativity with new large sizes and minimal thickness, making it the perfect material for all surfaces and applications.

Natural stone builders. FMG builds in their very own factory state-of-the-art products, using construction processes covered by international patents. Stones, blends of clays, sands and minerals that nature compacts through tectonic motion and fires through the heat of the superficial layers of the crust.

As the exclusive partner of FMG, Toscana Venture has supplied and installed these large format porcelain tiles in projects where strength plus lightness is of primary importance. It allowed floors, walls, furnishings and finishing not just surfaces but a unique and functional design that wants to be live in.