Mondrian Hotel

Designed by world renowned interior designer Marcel Wanders, the hotel brings guests to a world where anything can happen and around each corner lies another surprise.

Toscana Venture has been instrumental in the interior finishing works from the supply and installation of high-end full body porcelain large format intricately cut floor tiles and wall panelling with unrivalled quality and appearance, uniquely designed and produced carpets for all the guest rooms and corridors including the installation of all the gypsum and other decorative false ceilings and so many other distinctively designed work of arts.

The interior fit-out of two signature restaurants was also directly undertaken by our team including other key areas with close coordination with other disciplines at site while the hotel was still under construction.

Today, the bespoke hotel teases the eye with its whimsical motif brought to life never seen before with a new level of vivacity that offers exceptional lifestyle luxurious in its form.