About Us

Established in 2004, a pioneer in interior fit-out in Qatar. Toscana Venture WLL is currently managed by artistic and creative professionals whose expertise in the business has contributed to the successful completion of turn-key projects undertaken by the firm. The company endeavours to provide first class solutions to our clients. Toscana Venture has proudly established herself as an expert in a provider of innovative fit-out solutions for interior spaces, creating concepts within the clients budget by offering services such as turnkey solutions, design services, interior fit-out work, gypsum contractors, specialist landscaping contracts, space planning, trading of building material, joinery works, contract furnishing and refurbishment works.


Our designers shall be your Guide through the many opportunities available to you in the world of Furniture, Fabrics, Wall Finishes, Lightings, Floorings……the list goes on. It is a maze of manufacturers, craftspeople, retailers and many others who, when creatively brought together, can make the world of difference in what your decoration needs can turn out to be.

As an Advisor, Toscana Venture will help you solidify the style you want. Assist you in creating a space that fits your lifestyle. Communicates the “Big Picture” as well as the details of your project. Helps you set realistic expectations of the project, regarding the Look, Budget and Timeline. And most of all, Toscana would create an overall plan to see the project through. And as a Resource, Toscana Venture can present innovative design ideas. Offers a bank of resources to get the job done. Makes a wealth of knowledge available to you and serves as an experienced Project Managers to get the job done.

Our Team

The design team compose of professional Interior Designers, Architects and Technical Draftsmen gives the highest priority to the individuality of planning, always responding to specific clients’ needs and room situations as well as the implementation of complex design concepts, by also considering the total surroundings. Space planning and design are based on the principles of ergonomics and functionality, on clean forms and sophisticated aesthetics, whereby the form language does not follow fashionable trends but the principle of unfussiness and sensuality, thus making it timeless in the true sense. We collaborate with internationally well known Architects and Interior Designers from the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany and Turkey for special projects that will require services befitting a high-profile project. Our Project Site Managers and Engineers have the knowledge, experience, capacity and expertise to handle all fit-out services whether it is from shell and core or a renovation project. We ensure that all scope of works undertaken is delivered with the highest quality, on schedule and on budget.