Apartment Description

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Square Area
Car Parking

Apartment Amenities

Working Space

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  • High Ceilings
  • Amazing views
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Granite countertops
  • Extra Storage
  • Patio or balcony
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Large Closets
  • Gas Range


The nominal ornate decoration created as you enter this Sitting Room enhances the very heart of the interior motif that is being achieved. Accentuated by an elegant crystal chandelier hanging over a hand painted recessed dome-like ceiling surely bring into line the interior ambience of this villa.

A staircase has to be aesthetically functional. Details of the hand-railings has been daintily designed to create that grandeur which has been harmonized with the swags that floats on the lofty curtain wall windows.

A relaxing sense of comfort with soft tones of earth colours on fabrics, wall finish, curtain & furniture are of essential value to a Bedroom.

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Is a place uniquely Shakespearean where you can go with friends, colleagues and family to enjoy a good meal and relax knowing there’s always something to look forward to on the menu.

Established in the burgeoning metropolis of Dubai in 2001 and has evolved into a repertoire more than a few restaurants across the world. Our design team has meticulously drafted the necessary technical and shop detail drawings, conscientiously done coordination works, civil defence application and approval from other government agencies for the interior fit-out of the four branches located in prominent places in Qatar.

Commissioned to carry-out the actual fit-out works, Toscana Venture fit-out team under the supervision of our Project Site Engineers together with the design team has achieved completing the complex design of these four restaurants with the full satisfaction on the part of the Client.

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Apartment Layouts

Interior Design

Interior Design and the industry itself has dramatically changed over the last decades, from a purely “Artisan” activity, very often a trivial managed business, to become what it is today: a real industry, where investments are substantial and management is a professional business.

The interior design business has complexities and problems very close to those of big manufacturing industries. Nothing can be left to chance: each and every detail, from design and both the construction stage and in the management has to be constantly and carefully checked under the control of precisely expressed production values.

This is the core business of Toscana Venture WLL, the ability to offer our clients a complete service from the very beginnings of the project right up to delivery. Every item is carefully studied during the first stage when design is conceptualized and construction-drawings are issued. The item is then under constant control during production, delivery and installation. Every single decision made, whether technical or productive, is thoroughly examined with the client and the interior designer to assure all concerned that each and every product is supplied according to the technical specifications and general standards laid down in the indenture of a given project.


The function and aesthetics of our furnishings always creates a human space that is flexible, warm and personal. In order to fulfill our mission we collaborate and partner with local and internationally well known manufacturers and suppliers of curtains, blinds, wallpapers, wall & flooring solutions, upholstery, lighting and furniture – assisting our clients in redefining interiors of their home and office including retail and commercial projects by offering the most up-to-date stylishness available in the industry.

Whether beautiful, high quality or practical, furnishings are truly valuable once it becomes a completely natural part of our everyday lives.


Toscana Venture Landscaping is not just a landscaping company that installs hard and soft landscape, it is a unique outdoor services company dedicated to delivering picturesque landscapes.

We offer high-end designs, development and implementation of turnkey projects giving guarantee in the quality of our handiwork by providing efficient maintenance services for keeping the gardens lush and healthy.

Design and installation of irrigation systems whether it is small drip garden or a complex irrigation platform for a large landscape, Toscana Venture Landscaping can provide a solution that will efficiently water all different types of plants with specific growing conditions using the best methods for combining watering systems and professional products from major manufacturers.


Toscana Gallery is in the business of gypsum false ceiling and dry wall partitioning works including the production and installation of decorative cornices and other casted GRG works.

Established back in 2010, we have designed, produced and installed quality gypsum decorative elements for both interior and external decorations. As a contracting firm, we are equipped with highly trained and skilled manpower able to take projects designed to a variety of elegance and volume.

Projects including The Mondrian Doha Hotel has been executed and completed with the required ornate false ceiling works with high standard of workmanship expected for a renowned five star hotel.

Fifth Floor

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  • Floor : Fifth Floor​
  • Total Area : 195 Square Feets
  • Room : 5
  • Bed : 3
  • Bath : 2

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